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Everything You’re Into. Calgary Public Libraryn kampanja.

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Happy Days campaign Scoops Top Award. 2009.

How Libraries Stack Up : 2010 /OCLC.

Library Advocacy Day. 2010. ALA.

Library Communications Strategies Inc.

Libraries on the agenda of the conservative party conference. Society of Chief Librarians.

Mosman Library vs. That Serach Engine: About the challenge.

New Jersey Library Champions.

Order in the Library v4.0.

PR-föreningen for nordiska bibliotek.

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Reconnect with Reading : Cuyahoga County Public Library 2008 Annual Report.

Safeway Inc. Rolls Out Library Content on Cereal Boxes /

Shout It Out For Your Library – Pride of your city / NYPL

Snapshot Day : One Day in the Life of New Jersey Libraries. 2009.

Swap & Shop PR Xhange and the 2010 Best of Show Competition, Frequently Asked Questions. 2010. ALA.

Work @ Your Library / Nebraska Library Commission

Your Stories. Toronto Public Library Foundation.



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