Do you collaborate? Please, share!

I’m working on a book on new and creative ways of developing libraries and their services. The title of the book will be
1148257_10151775814053418_1426006470_n”Powerpoint-free Zone” (in Finnish, though).

I am interested in e.g. all kinds of camps, labs and unconferences, collaborations not based on hierarchies. I would also like to present examples of networks where libraries (and partners) are striving to renew the tools of library work and cooperation itself.

I am well aware that my wording is fairly loose but I don’t want to bind myself to stricter definitions at this point.

I’m grateful for any tips and help!

Leave your comment here or mail me: pjokitalo [at] , find me on Facebook (Päivi H Jokitalo) or Twitter: pjokitalo .



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