Librarians on wheels, again

It’s happening again! The second Cycling for Libraries unconference takes off in Vilnius today, 28 July. The tour goes on for eleven days through all three Baltic countries ending in Tallin on August 7th. The one hundred participants come from all over the world, from USA to Taiwan.

The goal of Cyc4Lib is to find solutions to problems encountered by library professionals, to get acquainted with the library cultures of different countries and to enjoy cycling in beautiful surroundings. No powerpoints allowed, participation and personal engagement encouraged instead!

Cycling for libraries is arranged for the second time. This year the tour is even more mobile than last year when some 80 library professionals cycled 650 km from Copenhagen to Berlin. The group includes a book bike (say hi to Rasmus from Copenhagen 🙂 and an Estonian mobile library with staff and local authors onboard forming a part of the entourage from Vilnius, through Riga to Tallin.

While we in Löykkiö are envious of all the Cyc4libbers, we’re also excited for them! Don’t worry if you’ve also missed the whole thing – you can follow the tour from the comfort of your sofa as the Finnish library web tv, Kirjastokaista, broadcasts live from Cyc4Lib every day. The first live broadcast from Vilnius starts 1 pm EET (GMT +3) today!

The event is financed by the participants, sponsors and the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

  • You can follow the journey through films regularly posted on Kirjastokaista: and on Twitter (#cyc4lib) and Facebook.


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