Mishmash of a day

Too tired – again! – to write a proper blog post.

Wrote a bit of news for Libraries.fi http://bit.ly/ABZe1H on one of the most exciting and, at the same time, most practical projects for a long time, the mobile library card. It’s being developed by staff at Helsinki City Library and the Labs at Libraries.fi .

Commented on student discussions on a music course at Seinäjoki University of applied sciences, made plans for a joint workshop in October with a Swedish colleague (more about that later!), mailed a student from another University of Applied Sciences about her questions on a course of information retrieval and library use I’m supervising on the net.

On the way home from the gym.

Attended a boxercise class, went straight to choir practise (only my second time, love it love it love it!), watched some mindless telly, packed my bags for the coming week: first three days in Hollola visiting my little sis, two days in Helsinki at meetings, one day at home, then a couple of days in Tampere at a meeting / seminar.

I’ll try and do a recap on Sunday, the day of some major excitement (I use that word a lot, don’t I): the second round of the presidential election.


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