Please wait while I boot up…

Me: freelance librarian, 80% project manager, 20+% editor, writer, teacher, lecturer, translator, dreamer, commuter, shoe addict, music-lover.

My job(s): The Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences coordinates the getting Netted project where I’m the project manager, while the public libraries in Turku and Vaasa develop the contents and work with different user groups.

The project is all about social library work, but this time in close cooperation with the user groups in question – or at least with the local associations, societies and organisations – in planning the forms of activities. If your’re interested, find out more at where the participating libray professionals from Turku and Vaasa city libraries and us project workers will blog during the week.

My day: working from home today. An average week, I commute once a week to Seinäjoki where I have an office on the Getting Netted project. Most weeks I’ll also be to Helsinki and back at meetings – but not this week, though. (Next week, I’ll be in Helsinki on Monday and Tuesday, Seinäjoki on Wednesday, Tampere on Thursday and Friday – it takes four hours to Helsinki by train, one and a half to Seinäjoki and just under three hours to Tampere. But working on a train makes the hours fly by.)

But. As I’ve already told elsewhere, I did most definately not get off to a good start today. I missed an online meeting I had set up. Totally unacceptable and completely embarassing, though everybody involved were really understanding. It took some time before I pulled myself together afterwards… (hence the booting up.)

An important piece of equipment when working from home.

I love working from home! You can get a lot done when there are no distractions, it’s quiet and you can choose the time of the day when you feel most productive. There are days when I’m in my pj’s and slippers until it’s time to hit the gym. Today, though, I had to dress up properly as it was -16 degrees C outside and I wanted go and vote in the second round of the presidential election – at the local libray, where else.

The day just flew by! We’re organising over 20 workshops, seminars and webinars on the project during the spring which means a lot of planning. Today, I’ve been going through email, answering mails, sending out quite a few, updating seminar programs, contacting potential speakers.

Tomorrow I’ll have to mix the project work with some writing and translating, as I’ll have to get an abstract of the Finnish library journal ready before Friday when the first issue of 2012 comes out. Bye until tomorrow!


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