Library Day in the Life 5

I started the day, as always, going through my two email acoounts, FB and Twitter updates and the news headlines on my iPhone, in bed. I don’t know if it’s a bad habit or not but it’s what I do first thing and last thing, almost every day…

The first thing I did at work was to have a very pleasant meeting with our  compentent events secretary over a coffee. As I’ve got so few working days left at my current position I’m trying to go through any unfinished projects or unclear assignments personally with each team member.

During the morning I, once again, answered questions about volunteering for the IFLA congress in Helsinki 2012 and edited a text on the subject. I updated agendas for meetings to be held next week and started working on a report on the services offered to the public libraries last year.

The afternoon was spent on filming an interview on Kirjastolehti. The interview was conducted by the dynamic duo, Riitta and Tuomas, from Kirjastokaista, the Finnish library internet tv. The library journal will no longer be only a professional journal but also a magazine for the patrons. Me and the editor-in-chief, Ira, talked about future plans, the contents and new look of the journal. The concept is new as the first new-style issue only comes out on next Thursday (as will the interview).

We also had time to discuss some public events for libraries the National Library is organising this spring where I would like Kirjastokaista to be present and interview staff and participants. It is good PR but also a great way to introduce specialised topics and new forms of seminars etc. to the whole library network.

None of my working days this week have been especailly ’typical’ which I suppose is how my working life is going to be from now on: untypical, varied, versatile. That is exactly how I like it!


One thought on “Library Day in the Life 5

  1. ”Ichigo ichie” japanese seems not only to read you but listen :)).félicitations;.great flexibility .


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