Library Day in the Life 4

32 working days. That’s how many days I’ll be working at the National Library before going freelance and starting my annual leave on March the 31st. Panic! Confusion! Exhilaration! I’ve got a lot to do before I can go and leave my teammates!

Had a couple of good discussions today with team members. A good boss should, in my opinion, be one who inspires, supports, listens and coaches their team. That’s how I’d like to be as a boss, that’s what I’ve been aiming at… It is not an easy task but it’s still one I’m going to miss!

Again, sent out emails, answered some questions from librarians and our own staff, posed some questions myself, adjusted timetables, the usual.

In the afternoon, I met with a good friend and colleague. We talked shop: future seminars, joint projects, recent news from the branch. We touched upon the importance of making use of statistics, not just gathering figures in tables without thinking of a use and an interpretation. Learning librarians to ask the right questions and finding the evidence to back up their assumptions and arguments would be worth a few workshops and discussions.

Since coming home I’ve been fighting to get the wlan to work. For some curious reason there is no connection even if the signal is loud and clear and everything should be in order. Oh well, I’m using the USB modem instead. And tomorrow is another day…


3 thoughts on “Library Day in the Life 4

  1. it is always pleasure to read your blog with the way that you are doing .boosting energy and passion fighting is your flag.anyway i hope you prosperous health paivi :))


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