Why no talk of customers, the public or desk service?

In case anyone was wondering what kind of a void I lived in, a few words explaining my work might be in place.

For the past four years I’ve been working at the National Library of Finland, at a department which provides different kinds of centralised services for all the libraries in the country: public, university and polytechnics (unis of applied sciences) libraries plus libraries at state-funded research institutes and a number of other special libraries.

The services provided range from the usual databases, development of library systems, institutional repository platform services and statistics to coordination of user surveys and seminars and conferences.

This obviously means I have precious little to do with library end-users, the libraries being our customers. The public are our users-by-proxy.

Oh, and BTW, since people have asked about my reasons to start freelancing:

I love the idea of being able to do different things, I love lecturing, talking to and especially with people,  organising events (and organising. full stop), writing, the balance b/w working on my own and meeting with people, of being able to decide which time of day is most productive when it comes to the different stages of planning my assignments, talking to people, sitting down and writing an article or outlining a presentation etc.

It may well be that in a year I’ll feel different but right now I can’t really wait to start on my own!


One thought on “Why no talk of customers, the public or desk service?

  1. big feeling to big personality.great person.félicitations.
    thanks again :)) cordialement


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