Library Day in the Life spans out to a whole week

This week Löykkiö library features a guest writer who will be sharing her working week with all and sundry, hence also the English language.

Library Day in the Life, Round 6, Day 1

…was a bit of a non-event as the day started with the realisation that I couldn’t get out of bed without help. I managed to get a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon but spent most of the day alternatively walking around at home and dozing off. The verdict, not surprisingly, was lumbago.

I work 80% of the working week at the National Library and on my day off I usually attend meetings, work on articles, plan future lectures and presentations etc. which are not part of my everyday work. I’m part-time managing editor of the Finnish library journal, Kirjastolehti, which periodically takes up a lot of my time.

On Monday I normally attend weekly meetings: a staff meeting for the whole department, meeting of the management team and later in the afternoon, my own team meeting. As I stayed at home, I answered emails, sent out a few reminders of deadlines for various tasks, checked a couple of documents I’d updated during the weekend and adjusted my own schedule for the next couple of months.

In the evening I went through the Scandinavian library journals to find stuff for my Scandinavian Shortcuts column in SPLQ. Working for a couple of hours was ok after I’d got the painkillers the doctor ordered – but I could only work standing up at the kitchen counter.

Library Day in A Life, Round 6, Day 2

Has started out somewhat better: after breakfast Facebook, Twitter, my two email accounts and some blogging, then I’m off to the editorial meeting at Kirjastolehti, the library journal. Today we’ll decide on the articles and writers for the second issue this year. More about that later on.

Keep on working, all you lovely librarians!


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