Library Day in the Life 2

Phew, what a day. Lumbago on the mend, though, at least I can bend down enough to take off my boots which is a huge improvement from yesterday.

The much-talked-about editorial meeting went well: lots of talk on and off-topic, chit-chat, laughter, new ideas, as well as rediscovering old ones. Me and the editor-in-chief, Ira, also discussed the interview scheduled for Friday afternoon with Kirjastokaista, the Finnish library net television.

After doing some shopping (for clothes, not shoes) I commissioned the articles for the professional 16-page pull-out I’m managing editor for. I also sent a message on Facebook to six book branch professionals as I’d like them to tell about their hobbies / interests in an article I’ll be writing myself. The theme of the next library journal issue will be fitness and well-being, physical as well as mental and intellectual.

I also answered and / or forwarded a few emails on the IFLA congress (Helsinki 2012!), topics for our management team meeting on Monday and future seminars. I’ve also been trying to figure out how much annual leave I’ve gathered by the end of May when I’m thinking of leaving my steady job at the National Library and starting out as a freelancer.

I’m quite looking forward to tomorrow. The whole management team from work and my own team of  customer management are attending a whole day workshop on – ta-da – customer management. But more about that later in the week.

Off to bed now with a book on journalism ethics. Nighty night.


3 thoughts on “Library Day in the Life 2

  1. :)).than i will try to translate because easy thing is not good.we need to develop our feeling where we want to find
    great person you are:)

    1. Thank you- that put a smile on my face 😉 I’ll be blogging in English the whole week. After that it’s probably back to my native Finnish. But I promise to write in English every once in a while, especially when I’m writing about Finnish libraries.


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